Things To Do In Wisconsin
Nested between rolling hills and flourishing meadows, the 431 acre New Glarus Woods State Park is a quaint park with access to trails, playgrounds and campsites.
In 1934, the New Galrus Woods was designated as a State Park. The park has several trails for hiking, biking and enjoying nature. The Sugar River State Trail runs through the park giving bikers 24 miles of pure Wisconsin beauty. 
Campsites in the park are perfect for tents and small RVs. Water filling & dump stations are not available.
The park has beautiful facilities for cookouts and gatherings. The picnic area has plenty of tables, shelter area and playground equipment to keep everyone happy. 
Right around the corner from the park is the quaint little town of New Glarus. Swiss influence is prominent throughout the town. It is most obvious in the chalet style architecture. Throughout the area you will find all sorts of Wisconsin staples from cheese to beer. The New Glarus Brewing Company is just 3 minutes from the park office.
There are several charming Wisconsin towns throughout the area. Monticello, Argyle and Monroe are some of the nearby towns with plenty of local businesses to keep you busy. 
New Glarus Woods State Park – Wisconsin DNR Site

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